What can I lease?

The answer is – just about anything! We have financed all sorts of equipment over the years, from IT and Telecoms to leisure equipment, children’s nursery equipment and office plants. We can even finance entire office refurbishments. Run your request by us, and we’ll do our best to help.

What value of equipment can I lease?

We can arrange leases for equipment in excess of £3000 + VAT.

What terms can I lease equipment over?

Terms generally range from 2 to 5 years normally dependent on the useful life of the equipment. So perhaps 3 years in the case of IT, but up to 10 years for heavy industrial equipment.

What happens at the end of the lease?

You are required to give notice to terminate the lease. Having done so, you will be given a number of choices regarding continued use, return or replacement.

Do I own the equipment at the end of the lease?

Not with a lease rental because you are paying for the use of the equipment and enjoying the accompanying tax benefits. Alternatively, we can arrange a lease purchase agreement for you.

Will my lease include service and maintenance?

No. You should arrange and pay for service and maintenance entirely separately from your lease.

Can I lease software?

Yes. Either as a part of the equipment supplied or as a software-only agreement.

What can be included in my lease?

Usually any ‘upfront’ costs – obviously the equipment itself plus software and installation, peripherals, training and consultancy.

What should I check before going ahead with a lease rental?

Be sure that all the details are correct and that you understand the costs involved. Most lease agreements will have a ‘Checklist’ – make sure you consider each point carefully and that the agreement is right for you.

What if I cannot afford the rentals?

Please get in touch with us immediately to discuss your situation and possible remedies.