Case study – Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Cemetery

Chestnut Lodge is a unique business that reflects the growing desire for pet owners to commemorate the life of a beloved pet. Situated near East Grinstead in rural West Sussex, the service has been run by Stephen Mayles and his team since the 1980s.

We first got to know Stephen in 1992, when we arranged leasing for computers along with several vans and cars. A quarter of a century later, we are still working with him as the business continues to evolve.

Here, Stephen explains how leasing has provided the ideal solution to the company’s funding requirements, helping Chestnut Lodge in its mission to provide an unparalleled service for clients across the South East.

Stephen says: “Meticulous attention to detail is something that’s very important to us here at Chestnut Lodge, both in our dealings with clients and their pets, and the way we run our service for pet owners behind the scenes.

“We’re not an everyday type of business and our requirements are very specific. The great thing about ringing Joe or Steve at System Rentals is that they’re familiar with our set-up, and as they are an independent business with a family feel, their values are very similar to our own.

“This year is an important one for Chestnut Lodge, as we are redeveloping our site quite extensively to include a larger mortuary area, three new log cabins which serve as reception and waiting areas, new toilet facilities and a staff room.

“We are a very healthy business but it simply makes no sense for us to delve into our capital to fund these improvements when we can arrange an excellent finance agreement through System Rentals. Payments are entirely predictable and spread over five years, which helps our ability to budget and forecast.

“It’s a busy time for Chestnut Lodge and to know that the financial side is all in hand gives us great peace of mind. I simply cannot fault System Rentals – they are very efficient, helpful and approachable and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them.”

Stephen is one of many customers with whom System Rentals has a long-standing business relationship. It’s always a pleasure to work with returning clients, and we can’t help but take professional pride in the knowledge that we’ve played a part in a business success story.

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