Case study – Chipstead Golf Club

This beautiful golf club has an illustrious history, and has welcomed many sporting greats over the decades, from cricketer W.G. Grace in 1908 to England International golfer Josh White a century later.

Like any successful golf club, Chipstead has a thriving social programme and caters for many events at its clubhouse including weddings, private parties and charity functions.

John Casserley, a Director at the club, got in touch with us to discuss possible leasing agreements for new kitchen and lighting equipment needed for the clubhouse. John says: “We like to ensure our equipment is up-to-date and efficient, but buying outright was clearly not the most sensible option, either from a cash flow or taxation point of view.

“I’d worked with Steve Gouldsborough at System Rentals in the past and had always found him to be thoroughly professional and knowledgeable in his field. Once I had sourced the equipment we needed – items such as dishwashers and ovens – and negotiated the best price, I contacted Steve to see what leasing options were available.

“From the moment System Rentals received my enquiry to the delivery of our equipment, the whole process was completely hassle-free. We received constant updates throughout the process and even our suppliers commented on the professionalism of Steve and his team.

“The new equipment has all been installed and the lease agreements are ticking along smoothly. Running in parallel we have service contracts with the various suppliers, which make sure that everything is maintained on a regular basis.

“As a club, we like the peace of mind that comes with leasing, since it gives us that guaranteed option to replace at the end of the lease term. This in turn encourages us to review and update, meaning that we’re never stuck with unreliable or obsolete hardware that will ultimately impact on the running of the club. In summary, it’s been a pleasure working with the System Rentals team and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone thinking of going down this route.”

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