Case study – Lease attack for Action Tag!

Action Tag is a world-leading supplier of laser tag equipment to the leisure industry. If you’ve never played laser tag, it’s an exhilarating tag game which fires infrared beams from laser guns at moving (usually human) targets – similar to paintballing but without the bruises!

The game can be played indoors, or outdoors in woods and fields, and it’s completely safe for children and adults. As a growing worldwide phenomenon, there are many would-be entrepreneurs out there who dream of quitting the nine-to-five job to set up their own laser tag business. However, securing the capital to fund such a venture can be a major obstacle.

Action Tag recognised the difficulty for potential clients and came to System Rentals for a solution. We’ve now been working with Action Tag for over two years, and in that time we’ve helped the company to set up numerous customers with laser tag technology supplied through flexible finance.

Ron Francis, CEO of Action Tag, explains:

“Setting up a laser tag business requires an average initial outlay of around £20,000 for the equipment and technology. For some of our clients the capital isn’t a problem, but for the majority, they just don’t have that kind of money in their back pockets.

“I realised that finance would be the best solution, and as luck would have it a mailshot from System Rentals dropped into my inbox just as I was about to explore the options.

“I called the company and they were brilliant from the word go. You’ll always get straight through to Joe or Steve, and their can-do attitude is really refreshing. Some of my customers aren’t perhaps the ideal candidates for credit – for example, their collateral might be tied up in another venture – but System Rentals do all they can to help in situations where a bigger company would simply say ‘no’.

“One of the things I love about my job is calling a client to let them know that the finance is sorted. For no upfront cost we can deliver the equipment, build it, and train staff. We then stand by and wait to hear the success stories roll in! The finance repayments can be as little as £300 a month, so the potential profits in this business can be huge.

“I’m now in regular contact with Joe and Steve, and as Action Tag goes from strength to strength I’m confident they can support my business no matter how big it grows. I’m probably not their average customer, but they don’t bat an eyelid when I ring up asking for finance for a dozen bombs or 24 assault rifles! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend System Rentals to anyone looking to grow their client base via leasing. They are efficient, friendly, and overall an absolute pleasure to work with.”

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