Case Studies

Please see below for our Case Studies:

Case study – Chestnut Lodge Pet Crematorium and Cemetery

Chestnut Lodge is a unique business that reflects the growing desire for pet owners to commemorate the life of a beloved pet. Situated near East Grinstead in rural West Sussex, the service has been run by Stephen Mayles and his team since the 1980s. We first got to know Stephen in 1992, when we arranged … Continued

Case study – Lease attack for Action Tag!

Action Tag is a world-leading supplier of laser tag equipment to the leisure industry. If you’ve never played laser tag, it’s an exhilarating tag game which fires infrared beams from laser guns at moving (usually human) targets – similar to paintballing but without the bruises! The game can be played indoors, or outdoors in woods … Continued

Case study – Chipstead Golf Club

This beautiful golf club has an illustrious history, and has welcomed many sporting greats over the decades, from cricketer W.G. Grace in 1908 to England International golfer Josh White a century later. Like any successful golf club, Chipstead has a thriving social programme and caters for many events at its clubhouse including weddings, private parties … Continued

Case study – Sankey’s seafood specialists

Our commitment to customer service means that we’re lucky enough to have a host of loyal clients who are happy to sing our praises. One such client is Matthew Sankey, Director of Sankey’s seafood eateries and fishmongers’ in Kent. Sankey’s is a well-known name in and around Tunbridge Wells – Matthew is the third generation … Continued