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Please P-lease Me! How leasing can help you close the deal

For any salesperson, the pressure to hit targets can be the most challenging part of the job. If you’re an equipment reseller trying to seal deals with new prospects, you’ll know that negotiations have never been keener. Few companies have enough capital sloshing around to update expensive equipment as often as they might like. Yet … Continued

Time to look at leasing?

As we enter a new financial year, businesses across the UK are taking stock of the previous 12 months and attempting to predict what the coming year might bring. While Brexit negotiations and turbulent world events are undoubtedly contributing to a sense of economic uncertainty, the outlook is far from gloomy. A report by PwC forecasts … Continued

Welcome to our new website!

‘What was wrong with the old one?’ we hear you ask. Well, much as we liked it, we had to admit it was rapidly becoming outdated. The last site was designed a few years ago, just before the explosion in mobile browsing. Our new site is completely mobile-friendly, with a layout that’s simple to navigate … Continued