Please P-lease Me! How leasing can help you close the deal

For any salesperson, the pressure to hit targets can be the most challenging part of the job. If you’re an equipment reseller trying to seal deals with new prospects, you’ll know that negotiations have never been keener.

Few companies have enough capital sloshing around to update expensive equipment as often as they might like. Yet the fact remains that to stay ahead, businesses need to invest in their infrastructure. In other words, they need to buy your stuff!

So, how can you convert a potential customer from a ‘maybe’ into a ‘yes please’? The answer may lie in leasing. Here are five reasons why you should offer leasing as a key part of your sales strategy:

Sidestep ‘sticker shock’

That moment when your prospect sees the price tag and their jaw falls open? In the US they call it sticker shock. With leasing, prices are broken down into manageable monthly payments, taking the focus off ticket price and breaking down that initial barrier. Just as we’ve got used to this model for mobile phone and car leasing, many businesses are prepared to build leasing into their financial plan for all kinds of equipment. With leasing, you’ll be offering customers a pleasant surprise rather than a nasty shock!

Fast sales, fast approvals

In the past, businesses might have viewed leasing as a long-winded process, with extra paperwork and delays in delivery of their equipment. That model is totally outdated. When you work with System Rentals as your leasing partner, your customers will receive fast, hassle-free approvals. Assuming your equipment is in stock, there’s no reason why it shouldn’t reach them within a matter of days. Even next-day delivery is possible in the best case scenario!

Personalise the deal

We offer a personalised leasing website to all equipment resellers. Your customers or prospects can log onto the site – clearly branded with your company logo – and get an indicative quote with just a few mouse clicks. This service is entirely free! Find out more.

Build lasting relationships

By its very nature, leasing ensures a long-term link between you and your customer. When a leasing agreement nears its end, you have a perfect opportunity to get back in touch to discuss an upgrade. Keeping in touch also means you can discuss add-on features or extra equipment that your customer might be interested in leasing.

Ramping up the revenue

Keeping sales revenue flowing is the name of the game. As soon as the required paperwork is signed and completed, we’ll pay you without delay. Payment is usually made electronically within 72 hours. When you work with System Rentals, you can rest assured you’re dealing with professionals who want to help your business grow. Some of our equipment resellers have used our service for over three decades, and we’re proud to be part of their success stories. Read a selection of testimonials here.

Could leasing help your business grow? Don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how we could help.