Save time with stress-free business finance

In today’s frantic business world, it’s easy to feel as if you’re permanently fire-fighting. For business owners, the pressure to work all hours is greater than ever, with 24/7 connectivity eating into the evenings and weekends. A survey by the Federation of Small Businesses found that 57% of small business owners work six days a week, 14% don’t take a holiday, and of those that do, 39% carry out some kind of work during their ‘break’.

The unfortunate fact is that working at such a frenzied pace doesn’t always get results. More than half of company start-ups fail to make it to their fifth birthday, with many citing lack of funding as a key reason.

Lack of time, lack of funding . . . does this picture sound familiar? If you’re nodding your head (between answering emails, posting on LinkedIn, and filling out a VAT return) please read on!

Fast business leasing could help your business succeed

Whatever your line of business, it’s important to stay at the forefront of your industry by investing in the latest equipment. Companies that don’t invest are in danger of lagging behind competitors and becoming yet another gloomy statistic. So what are the barriers to investment?

Many companies turn to their bank as a first port of call when trying to raise funds. Not only can this be a slow and frustrating process, bank loans and overdrafts are often secured by charges over your company’s assets. What’s more, this kind of loan request can result in a full review of your accounts by your bank, with the related risk that they might reconsider their support, just at a time when you need as much backing as possible.

Even if you do secure a loan for the full purchase price of equipment, is this really the wisest use of funds?

We firmly believe that leasing, rather than buying outright, is the smartest way to secure almost any kind of business equipment. Leasing has been a huge success story in many areas of our lives – take new cars, for example – and it can work just as well in your industry. Here at System Rentals, we have decades of experience in setting up lease agreements, and as an independent company our fantastic range of finance providers will ensure you get the most competitive quotes.

Our service includes:

  • Fast, stress-free approvals. You won’t get bogged down by paperwork or endless meetings. We’ll do the majority of the admin for you.
  • Direct communication with our experts Joe and Steve – no fobbing off by faceless call centres!
  • Fixed rentals with guaranteed monthly costs, allowing you to accurately forecast your business outgoings.
  • Tax efficiency. Leasing counts as an operating cost and in most cases it can be offset against tax.
  • Flexibility. Need an upgrade before the end of the agreement? This can be arranged with our flexible leasing programme.

Keen to learn more about business lease agreements?

You’ll find further information here on our website, along with case studies and common FAQs. Best of all get in touch for a quote to see how System Rentals can help your business to survive and thrive.