How it works

How it works


If you’re new to leasing, you might be under the illusion that it’s a complicated process. In reality, it isn’t.


Our four-step guide shows you how to win sales, build lasting customer relationships and improve your company cashflow.


1. Personalised Quotes

We’ll provide you with an online calculator that’s custom-branded to your business. Your customers can access the calculator via a web link, giving them a fast and accurate rental quote.

2. Credit Checking

It’s important for us to be satisfied that your client can honour their rental payments. Our early credit checks are very speedy and will provide you with valuable feedback before any agreement is signed.

3. Documents

Once a quote has been agreed we will manage all the paperwork with your customer and keep you updated on progress.

4. Getting Paid

We’ll pay you as soon as your customer takes delivery of the equipment you’ve supplied.


Speed, reliability, efficiency. With over thirty years’ experience, you can count on System Rentals to provide personal service every step of the way.

Further questions? Check out our FAQs. And if you’d like more information, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0844 225 2021, or get in touch via our contact form.